Dangbo needs your help

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We are a team of surgeons, gynecologists, pediatricians and general practitioners and nurses who aim to help as many people as we can in our recurrent campaigns in Benin.

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Dangbo is a city in the country of Benin, located in West Africa. Although sculpted by its beautiful landscape and exotic cuisine, the Beninese are still suffering from the effects of post-colonialism. Extreme poverty plagues many African countries with hunger, disease, infant mortality, instability and conflict.

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Seventh Campaign: Teamwork


We return to Dangbo with the help of the Surgeons in Action Foundation.

Third Campaign: Pediatrics.


On May 8, 2015, we returned to Benin focused on helping the children of Dangbo.

First Campaign!


On February 14, 2014, we headed to Dangbo for the first time, and operated on more than 50 patients.

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